The Best Upper Cervical Care on
the Treasure Coast

Dr. Madigan can get you feeling better than you knew you could.

  • Joint Pain
    An innovative approach to relieve and eliminate joint pain

  • Muscular Pain
    Dr. Madigan can relieve muscle pain and have you living your best

  • Headaches & Migraines
    Often, chronic pain relief can be just a few adjustments away

  • Vertigo
    Not all vision problems are always caused by optical issues

  • Rehab
    Get back to feeling like yourself with Dr. Madigan's holistic rehab approach

Our impact on the
lives of our patients

Dr. Madigan and his team treat each and every patient like a member of the family from the moment you walk through the door. Our cutting-edge technology and results-oriented approach help us stand out from the crowd. If you're ready to feel better, sleep better, perform better and LIVE better, come see us today!

We do things differently at Madigan Family Health Center, looking for solutions instead of just pain management. Whether you're tired of not getting results from your chiropractic, or you've been afraid of the process, we'll change the way you look at chiropractic and your body!

Upper Cervical Care
At Madigan Family Health Center, we believe that by focusing on the upper cervical area of the spine we can dive deeper into the source of problems, instead of just treating symptoms.
Gentle Treatment
We use gently pressure instead of twisting, cracking and popping. We're focused on aligning the spinal column for long term results. That means our treatments are perfect for any age or condition.
Cutting Edge Technology
Dr. Madigan studies the latest in upper cervical care, and is always aware of the latest treatment options. Find results and relief at Madigan Family Health Center.

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Meet our Doctors

Our experts are here for you every single day! We care about our patients and we
do our best to make them happy.

Born and raised on the Treasure Coast, Dr. Madigan has a lifelong passion for how the human body works and how it can perform its best. He loves how everything connects together and focuses on overall health and wellness with his patients.
Dr. Justin Madigan


Why Choose us?

  • Jacqueline C.
    Jacqueline C.


    Dr. Madigan is very pleasant and non-threatening. The appointment did not include the cracking and pounding of a general Chiropractic experience. The upper cervical adjustments have completely relieved the vertigo I was experiencing. I recommend him highly.
  • Amanda L.
    Amanda L.


    Very professional. After my first few adjustments, my migraines were resolved. Always smiling and upbeat. Very satisfied with Dr. Madigan and his staff.
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