Pain Relief

We offer a comprehensive look into what is causing you pain. We will get to the root of the problem and work on preventing any future occurrences.

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We offer a unique program to remove the inflammation in your body and decrease future "flare-ups." This will allow you long term relief and a longer life.

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Preventative Care

We offer more than just pain relief. We offer a way of living a healthier and more fulfilling life. We can help keep you in work and ensure that you have the best possible chance of escaping disease and discomfort.

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Everyday Living

Not only will we help you in our center, but we will give you the tools to improve your living at home and wherever life may take you. With guidance on everyday activities to our advanced Pillowise sleep system.

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Meet Our Doctor

Dr Justin Madigan

Justin Madigan, DC Founder of Madigan Family Health Center, Dr. Madigan believed that people needed to be

Primary Health Care

Tired of being Sick and Tired?  Let us know what is bothering you, not just that pain in your neck, but indigestion, blood p

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We have the necessary equipment to treat the symptoms that are holding you back in life. Not only will we make sure that your

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  • While on a road trip, I "popped" something in my back. I could hardly walk or stand, I was in such horrifc pain. When I returned to Florida, I made an appointment with Dr. Madigan. He actually came outside and helped my husband walk me into his office. Walking and standing were major issues and I could not find a comfortable position to be in.  I explained I had a "date" at Yankees Stadium next month and he told me I would be able to make it AND walk around and tour the stadium. With the pain I was in and my immobility I didn't believe him! I couldn't bear to sit for long periods of time and he was very patient with me while taking my xrays. He was able to complete the xrays, find the problem, and adjust me. He made it so my body would heal from the inside out! I went back twice that same week and was holding my adjustment, which he said meant that my body was healing. Every day I felt better and better!  And I did make it up to Yankees Stadium that next month all because of Dr. Madigan.

    Maureen M. Wife and Mother of Three
  • After just several days I was able to see more consistency in my swing and especially towards the end of each round. Normally fatiguing at the end of 18 holes I now can play 36 without feeling that same exhaustion

    John F. Golf Instructor
  • The night I arrived home after my first treatment my husband looked at me and said that something was definitely different because I looked taller! I was finally able to stand up straight with out the constant pain in my hip I had been dealing with for seven year! This was the night of the first correction.

    Kristi H Bank Manager
  • Two years ago an Orthopedic Surgeon told me I was in need of a knee replacement. The thought of not being able to run anymore drove me to find an alternative. That is when I stumbled upon Dr. Madigan. I came to him explaining I had knee pain and needed to prevent the recommended surgery. Within two weeks I felt as though I had a new knee. At my six month check up the other doctor couldn't believe what he saw. My knee looked ten years younger and we were able to STOP the surgery! Thanks you so much Dr. Madigan!

    Joyce W Real Estate Agent


New Chiropractor in Palm City

Good Morning, If you haven’t heard the news, there is a new chiropractor in Palm City, Fl. Madigan Family Health Center specializes in Upper

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Grand Opening!

We are so sorry that we have kept you waiting but we are finally open! The most advanced and up to date chiropractic clinic in Palm City is finally